ViaMyBox “Video trick” with Raspberry Pi Zero


ViaMyBox is a Raspberry Pi based computer built and configured to suit your preferences!

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    “Lucky Relay” kit

    ViaMyBox “Video Trick” Kit is a Raspberry Pi Zero W single board computer with a choice of a CSI camera and a ViaMyBox image installed on the Raspberry Pi. Add peripherals, sensors, mini keyboards as desired.

    We pre-configure ViaMyBox settings

    If you wish, you can download the questionnaire, answer the questions and send it by mail or download it through the form above: Presetting parameters -> select file. Based on these settings, we will build and install the ViaMyBox image on your Raspberry Pi computer.

    We provide free delivery to many countries

    If the Customer corresponds to the “Free shipping country zone” This is defined at the top of the product page when you click to “Add card” button or on the “card” “checkout” pages. If the zone is different, send your location data and we will calculate the delivery. Delivery takes from 3 to 20 days ву your country post. When delivering, specify the exact delivery address in “checkout” page, on the email or in the questionnaire and send it to us.

    There is another IoT sensor to choose from for free.

    Return of the product within 2 weeks from the date of receipt of the product.

    Technical support via email for a year.

    Another reason why you should be interested.

    The table “ViaMyBox Functionality”:

    Technical specifications:

    Raspberry Pi Zero W

    Keyboard-mouse:IpazzPort i8

    Cameras:CSI OV5647;Night vision OV5647


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