Mini Computer

ViaMyBox carries in itself a multifunctionality of a smart home. Actually, ViaMyBox is a multifunctional mini computer. It’s functions: home theater or HTPC, based on Kodi, radio, weather forecast, email, internet, etc. Besides, the following functions were realized: multimedia center, IPTV, video recorder via usb camera.

Moreover, there is a full desktop. It operates on the Linux basis. And has the possibility to work with internet, Word and Excel files. In addition, it posesses ability to work with irc remote control, radio usb mouse and keyboard. Our mini computer can set up a remote PC connection, control via web interface ssh or remote control and desktop sharing software.

ViaMyBox is the open platform on the Raspbian OS. And, it makes it possible to download and configure any programs you need.

To sum up, the functionality is limited by your imagination only.