Smart Home

Smart Home

Home Assistantis a well-known free smart home platform used in our project. It is built for the automated control of various home appliances, mechanisms and IOT devices. And this automation makes home life more convenient and comfortable.

The smart home platform is used in our project and as the management of the functions of video audio recording, radio, control of some functions of your raspberry pi. It is possible to protect the premises based on the connected motion sensor and camera. And also supports more than 1400 different sensors and devices, and you can easily expand the control capabilities of your smart home, including with the help of our project.

Weather, Home Alarm and tempherature sensor dht11

We have included in our store some sensors, a camera and the ability to control it using the Home Assistant mechanisms that we have configured for you in the ViaMyBox project.

Using the Home Assistant smart home, you can control the various ViaMyBox functionality included in the distribution. For example, it is possible to control video audio recording and control the viewing window from the camera. Record synchronized video with sound or only separately sound from a USB camera. It is possible to record photos and timelapse videos from a csi camera. In cooperation with the camera and the motion sensor, the notification and triggering mechanism for recording by the motion sensor is configured.

Video recording in Home Assistant

Our Home Assistant configuration displays some information about the raspberry pi. Such as monitoring CPU temperature and disk occupancy. With the help of the raspberry Pi Power Supply Checker plugin, you can monitor the state of the power supply and the voltage and state of the processor in this regard.

Raspberry controls in HA
You can use the ssh terminal to manage the smart home functionality via the console utility Using this terminal interface, you can quickly install and delete the Home Assistant docker image. Automate the launch of the smart home platform when the system starts.

Controls Home Assistant in terminal

The Home Assistant has the ability to control the radio using a small lightweight application. This is an Internet radio Bellerofonte, managed by a small web interface, not consuming a lot of resources. And therefore, you can listen to radio and music on raspberry pi lower energy-efficient models such as zero and 3A. Of the convenient features, this application can be launched at system startup. You can add your favorite stations. You can use this application to play not only radio but also music.

Radio bellerofonte in Home Assistant

Download image with a pre-configured system along with Home Assistant or create an order with the necessary configuration and settings in our store!