HTPC or Home theatre

     HTPC or Home theatre Multimedia centre

HTPC or Home theatre is available at ViaMyBox. ViaMyBox is a Raspberry Pi, famous PC from UK, which is slightly bigger than a plastic card. Portable.

Our Multimedia center is built on Kodi basis. It is one of the best known and advanced media centers. Plus, Kodi has the ability of flexible settings. It contains thousands of programs-plugins from all over the world media developers. As a sequence, in the ViaMyBox distribution  we customized some of the Kodi plugins. HTPC or Home theater is one of the most popular functions of our media center.

     Some technical characteristics:

Bluetooth: Yes, for Raspberry Pi 3 – 4.2 , for Raspberry Pi 4 – 5.0

WiFi: Yes, for Raspberry Pi 3 – 2.4 GHz , for Raspberry Pi 4 – 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz

Ethernet: Yes

Ports: 3 Raspberry Pi: HDMI, 3.5 mm audio-video, 4× USB 2.0

Raspberry Pi 4: HDMI-2x micro (+4kp60), 3.5 mm audio-video, USB 2x-2.0,2 x -3.0

Dimensions: 85 mmx56 mmx17 mm

The full list of technical characteristics is here:

     IPTV option

Also, IPTV plugin is connected and gives opportunity to watch IP television (several hundreds of channels). Thus, there is the option to connect IP television (IPTV) of any provider using m3u format. You will be able to easy

  • firstly, change one provider for another,
  • secondly, connect your own IPTV lists,
  • thirdly, search for already formed m3u lists in internet. Several plug-ins are configured to listen to radio stations around the world.

Radio settings allow you to listen to it (manage it) using a convenient graphical interface.

     Streaming Youtube from an Android device

Manage and view Youtube media (upload, view media content, search for channels, etc.) from your mobile phone! Your phone will serve you as a remote control!

We “transfer” content and “manage” it from any external Android device to your TV via ViaMyBox. In this situation, the output of video or music via your Raspberry pi from ViaMyBox to the TV is redirected via your mobile phone by launching the Youtube app.

Mpg-youtube media combine allows you to quickly find, view and listen to or download media content from or .

     Kiosk mode

You can use this mode if you use one or more Internet media resources in full-screen mode through the browser window. We have provided you with a selection of the most famous 2 dozen media services. And you can listen to and view your favorite content in a full-screen browser window immediately when you turn on ViaMyBox.

     Additional capacity

In addition to all, there is also the capacity to connect your video and audio media library like to a shared resource. And it will enable you to watch and listen to content “on the fly” via wifi or ethernet. Such option as connection through the flash drive is also at your disposal. You will have a nice opportunity to watch movies and series by means of internet services. Widget with weather forecast will inform you on any weather change.

To sum up, ViaMyBox is a multifunctional homethetre (HTPC) at your place!

Download ViaMyBox image for your Raspberry Pi 3 for free.