To Fans and IT Developpers of Raspberry PI

About ViaMyBox Team

Viamybox team is a group of IT developers. And we are passionate about the idea of creating a multifunctional computer based on Raspberry Pi. Need to say, there are an incredible number of people who are passionate about creativity on this platform. Our hope is to join our efforts in creating a truly multifunctional device. Certainly, the team is interested in any degree of cooperation. We offer both long-term and one-time cooperation to Raspberry Pi fans and IT developers. If you are ready to share the code you created for Raspberry Pi, or web design, or optimization of any of your settings within this project, please contact us.

ViaMyBox sees its task in the accumulation of ideas and in the creation of the image. The product was coceived not only for lovers of Linux and Raspberry Pi. But also for the end users. As the main control elements that combine functional ideas, we use the web interface, bash script menu and control via Kodi and Home Assistant console.

To the fans and the IT developers of the Raspberry PI: goals and objectives of the cooperation in ViaMyBox project

Our task is to monetize the ideas of developers, fans of Raspberry Pi. Means, to pay for their work and implemented ideas. Many of you have already spent your time, talents to implement such ideas as a hobby.

The software developed by ViaMyBox is released under the GPL v3 license. With this in mind, we do not require exclusive rights to your development. That is, all materials of development can be used by any person. And for any purpose, subject to the GPL v3 license. We are ready to use your intellectual content and pay for it.

Email us at if you have any suggestions, suggestions or ideas for cooperation!


We exist only because of Your ideas!