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Many ideas one implementation

Ideas and projects written with great love are collected in one common management interface.

Gadget Hub

Determine the settings and configuration of the raspberry pi mini computer in our store. And we will send you the finished product


Download an image or distribution for raspberry pi with our functionality for you.

Smart Home

Create your smart home and manage hundreds of IOT devices with the Home Assistant platform.

Home Theatre

Media music center. Home Theatre PC . Watch movies and listen music. IPTV TV and radio.

Digital Video Recorder

Сomputer with DVR function. Record audio and video, photos on internal storage and external cloud.

Web Site

Use ViaMyBox as a web site. A pre-installed and configured LNMP server will allow you to start working with the site immediately from the WordPress initialization page

Mini PC

Mini computer based on the English platform raspberry pi. The computer is slightly larger than a plastic card. Take it with you on a travel or trip

Personalized Settings

Decide what should be and with what settings, and we will send you the generated and pre-configured image for you or the finished product

How does it work?

Choose ViaMyBox

Choose a mini computer or download the OS for the Raspberry pi. Determine if you need help with customization.

Support us

Order personalization of distributive. Or simply support us.

Earn with us

If you have any ideas and ready to share them with us – please do it and earn with us.


Please, contact us by, if you have suggestions, offers or ideas on collaboration!