Video and audio recorder

To have a video and audio recorder at home several easy steps will help. Connect usb camera to your Raspberry Pi 3. With the help of ViaMyBox distributive you may start recording home video stories. Camera, which works with video recording, is widely used. Video can be recorded in background mode not depending on work of kodi or other services. To launch video recording and managing there is an interface. There you can also activate a mode of watching from the camera.

In addition to video recording, pure audio recording is available. You may use this device as a Dictaphone and record an important conversation, for example. You also may enjoy lapsed video recording and making pictures from camera mode.  All this will enable you to benefit raspberry pi as a home video recorder. You will be able to record and find out what your pet is doing when you are out, or you may simply do recording of your room, street, car in the lapsed video mode. For your lapsed video or photography mode an option of recording to the external yandex disk is available.

For your convenient setting of recording a manual is available. You may find it on a desktop of ViaMyBox. Web interface is accessible by the address of your raspberry pi. There is a possibility to connect to ViaMyBox from the outside. To implement this NAT should be configured to your ports through your router. If you have a dynamic address, then with the help of inadyn, you will be capable to reach ViaMyBox by a domain name, applying dynds technology.

If you are far from technology stuff, you may order support and (or) personalization of distributive from us. We will make your raspberry pi setting up smooth and easy.