IP television (IPTV)

The Raspberry pi has a powerful computing capability to handle video content. This is achieved thanks to the powerful processor and graphics video subsystem Broadcom. In our distribution ViaMyBox we have established a well-known media player kodi. It allows you to flexibly configure IPTV streaming.In other words, due to specially generated file m3u, we can use to full extent function IP television (IPTV). Choice from hundreds telechannels from the whole world is an important function ViaMyBox!

You can choose your favorite IPTV provider or find them on the Internet. You can also create your own m3u files for IPTV streaming. For IPTV, use the kodi application called PVR addon. We tested the quality and performance of the Edem TV provider with our device. At Edem TV at the moment more than 4 hundred channels, including HD. We can register you and include this IPTV provider immediately in the distribution with your data. You just need to order the service “Personalization of the distribution kit”.

A list of channels is constantly expanding. You can also connect any IPTV provider you like to kodi pvr addon plugin. At ViaMyBox function of telecasts is connected.